Story Of The Thirsty Crow And Moral

Once upon a time, a parched crow flew all around the fields searching for water. For quite a while, he was unable to see as any. He felt extremely feeble, nearly lost all expectation. Out of nowhere, he saw a water container beneath the tree. He flew straight down to check whether there was any water inside. Indeed, he could see some water inside the container!

The crow attempted to drive his head into the container. Tragically, he observed that the neck of the container was excessively tight. Then, at that point, he attempted to push the container to shift for the water to stream out, yet the container was excessively weighty.

The crow considered every option for some time. Then, checking out it, he saw a few stones. He out of nowhere had a smart thought. He fired getting the rocks individually, dropping each into the container. As an ever increasing number of rocks filled the container, the water level continued to rise. Before long it was sufficiently high for the crow to drink. His arrangement had worked!

Moral: Think and buckle down, you might track down answer for any issue.