Science is the logical investigation of life and living organic entities, from the littlest microorganisms to the biggest creatures and plants. It includes a great many subjects, from the design and capability of cells and creatures to the cooperations between various species and their surroundings.

The area of science can be extensively separated into a few branches, every one of which centers around a particular part of life:

  1. Life systems: the investigation of the design and association of living things.
  2. Physiology: the investigation of the capability of living things and their parts.
  3. Hereditary qualities: the investigation of how qualities and heredity impact the attributes of living things.
  4. Transformative science: the investigation of how creatures change and adjust after some time.
  5. Biology: the investigation of how living things collaborate with one another and their surroundings.
  6. Natural science: the investigation of plants, including their design, development, and propagation.
  7. Zoology: the investigation of creatures, including their way of behaving, physiology, and development.
  8. Microbial science: the investigation of microorganisms like microscopic organisms, infections, and parasites.
  9. Natural chemistry: the investigation of substance processes inside living life forms.
  10. Biotechnology: the study of living organisms,system or processes in manufacturing and service industries.

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