The universe is all that exists, including all matter, energy, and space. It is accepted to have started from a solitary mark of boundless thickness and temperature in an occasion called the Enormous detonation, which happened around 13.8 quite a while back. From that point forward, the universe has been extending and cooling, bringing about the development of systems, stars, and planets.

The universe is huge and contains billions of worlds, each containing billions of stars and planets. The discernible universe is assessed to be around 93 billion light-years in breadth, albeit the genuine size of the universe isn’t known.

Researchers have created different speculations and models to make sense of the construction and conduct of the universe, including the Theory of the universe’s origin, general relativity, and quantum mechanics. They proceed to study and investigate the universe, utilizing telescopes, satellites, and different instruments to get more familiar with its beginnings, design, and advancement.

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