1.Shahid Khan

Total assets: $3.8 billion

Sources: Flex – N – Door, Jacksonville Pumas, Fulham F.C

Shahid Khan is known as a Pakistani conceived American tycoon. He owns the Jacksonville Panthers worth $770 million, in addition to a group in the English major association ‘Fulham FC’ which is worth $300 million, and also owns Flex – N – Entryway. He is the most extravagant individual of Pakistan. He lives and lives in the USA. Its main source of income is the production of auto parts. He is considered the 490th most extravagant individual on the planet.

2.Mian Muhammad Mansha

Total assets: $2.5 billion

Sources: Nishat Gathering, MCB Ltd, Adamjee Gathering, Nishat Chiniot Power

Mian Mohammad Mansha is the second most extravagant person of Pakistan as he is the Managing Director and President of MCB Ltd, Adamjee Gathering and Nishat Gathering. He is one of Pakistan’s main money managers and an extremely rich person. He is currently known as the most influential figure of Pakistan and his total wealth is 2.5 billion dollars. He is ranked as the 937th most extravagant individual on the planet.

3.Asif Ali Zardari

Total assets: $1.8 billion

Sources: Expanded, Horticulture, Legislative Affairs and Government

Asif Ali Zardari, the previous leader of Pakistan and co-executive of the Pakistan Individual Party (PPP), should be ranked third in this list. He became well known after he married Benazir Bhutto in 1987. Otherwise, he is called the strong individual of Pakistan.

4.Sir Anwer Perwaz

Total assets: $1.5 billion

Sources: Joined Bank Restricted And Bestway Gathering

He is the organizer and administrator of Bestway Gathering, which is known as the second largest concrete manufacturer in the country and the sixteenth largest money and transportation manager in the United Kingdom, and is also the Agent Director of Joined Bank Restricted Pakistan. He is one of the leading financial backers. He is known as an extraordinary financial manager in the country. His total assets are $1.5 billion.

5.Nawaz Sharif

Total assets: $1.4 billion

Sources: Iteffaq Gathering and Sharif Gathering

He is currently the supreme state leader of Pakistan and the head of the largest ideological group, the Pakistan Muslim Association (N). He is simply not an efficient government official but also a prolific industrialist. He is the owner of Unit Gathering, Sharif Gathering and Itefaq Gathering which are known as the most important trading steel goods. He is the second best lawmaker of Pakistan and the fifth most extravagant individual of Pakistan worth $1.4 billion.

6.Saddaruddin Hashwani

Total assets: $1.1 billion

Sources: Marriott Lodging, Pearl Mainland Inn, Situate Oil

He is the director of the Hashoo Gathering and notable for his Marriott Inn facility, which is an extraordinary achievement for the Hashoo Gathering. Hasho Gathering established renowned accommodations like Marriott and Pearl Mainland Lodgings It is positioned as the sixth most extravagant individual in Pakistan.

7.Nasir Schon

Total assets: $1 billion

Sources: Schon Gathering

He is currently the head of Schon Gathering, which owns Pak-China Fertilizer, Schon Bank, Schon Materials. He is known as the business boss of Pakistan. He is likewise the main Pakistani to claim a Rolls-Royce. As of now he is working on a project called ‘Dubai Tidal pond’. He holds the seventh place in the list of the most extravagant individuals of Pakistan.

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